Our Science

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Our Focus

We seek to innovate therapeutic areas where significant unmet medical need exists

Therapeutic Areas

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Metabolic Diseases(Especially for Diabetes)

LG Chem has a long history in metabolic disease research, including diabetes, with the marketing of a DPP4 inhibitor. As an extension of their metabolic disease expertise, LG Chem is expanding their efforts beyond diabetes and into new disease area research including NASH and obesity. LG Chem is currently focused on building both internal research and external collaborations to build up their expertise.


LG Chem is committed to developing novel immuno-oncology therapies leveraging innovative platform technologies and targeted treatments. LG Chem is building a global team to reach patients worldwide and bring those therapies to those that need them the most. LG Chem is investing in open innovation to augment their solutions to identify new anti-cancer agents.

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LG Chem is advancing its expertise in Immunology by discovering and developing innovative technologies specifically focusing new molecular modalities and MoAs to bring new options for patients for those with the most critical unmet medical needs.

New Technology

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Cell therapy

LG Chem has a cell and gene therapy focus to develop new technologies and provide innovative alternatives to the current therapies that are available today and provide the next generation of therapies for tomorrow.

Disruptive Technology

Across all therapeutic areas, LG Chem is open to discovering and developing disruptive platform technologies that can fundamentally change how we provide therapeutic solutions in the future.

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Digital Healthcare

LG Chem is a part of the LG group and can leverage a wide array of expertise that can built digital healthcare solutions for the future. LG Chem is working on cutting edge technologies such as big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). LG Chem is focused on creating a medical services future where diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and recovery, are a seamless process of multiple technologies that have converged together to bring technology into reality.

Our Strength

Broad capabilities across the Life Sciences

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